Re-entry Update: Find Lahaina zones that have re-opened. Re-entry for Kula has completed.

Maps and Data

The County of Maui, along with state and federal partner agencies involved in the wildfire recovery effort, are developing a variety of maps to assist owners in determining the status of their properties. 

Maps will be developed for damage assessments, water and wastewater service, hazardous materials removal, and for additional items as the recovery process moves along. 

Property owners may type their addresses in the search bar of each map to look up available information for their parcels.

Note: Some maps will take more time than others to develop. Ongoing assessment work continues on the ground in the impacted areas, which informs the data for various maps. Maps will be published to this page as they become available.

New updates to zones in Lahaina

Park zone opened 9/23/23

  • 16C – Launiupoko Beach Park

Residential zone opening 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 9/25/23 and 9/26/23

  • 1C – Kaniau Road

IMPORTANT: A re-entry vehicle pass will be required at checkpoint. Vehicle pass applications and on-site distribution for Zone 1C will be held from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 22; 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 23; and 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, at Lahaina Civic Center. Please note that vehicle passes are available for announced re-entry zones only. Refer to the Re-entry Vehicle Pass section under Re-entry to Impacted Areas for more information.

Business zones opened 9/13/23

  • 5B - Lahaina Cannery Mall parcel
  • 5E - Business area of Kupuohi and Ulupono streets

Business zones opened 9/5/23

  • 5D - Lahaina Gateway parcel
  • 5H - Walgreens parcel

Residential zones that have been unrestricted

  • 1A – Aipuni, Ainakea, Kaniau, Wahinoho – unsafe water advisory remains
  • 1B – Hooli, Aa, Hanohano, Aipuni – unsafe water advisory remains
  • 9K – Liloa, Hokeo, Hakau, Hopoe, Kana, Kuialua, Kulalau,Laalo, Niheu, Kumukahi, Laalo, Niheu – no water advisory
  • 10G – Kuialua, Hookahua – no water advisory

School zone that has been unrestricted

  • 9L – Lahainaluna High School – no water advisory

Some portions of the above zones in the Lahaina WildfireDisaster area sustained fire and wind-related damage and may be eligible for FEMA assistance. Many residents remained in these areas, and no government barriers to guard against hazardous debris had been placed in many parts of these zones.

Click on zones for your street and address details.

Map of Unsafe Water Advisory Areas

Determine if your property is within an advisory area and view recent post-fire water sampling test results by searching your home or business address using the search bar in the interactive map below. The purple area on the map denotes an Unsafe Water Advisory area.

View map on full screen

County of Maui Sewer Service Status following August 2023 Wildfires

Some wastewater infrastructure was damaged during the fires, which cut off wastewater service for many properties in fire-impacted areas. To determine if wastewater service for your home or business is impacted, type your address in the search bar on the map below. Red areas on the map mean there is no sewer service available; green means sewer service is functioning in that area.

Wildfire Perimeter Maps

The follow maps are provided in coordination with the University of Hawai’i’s Pacific Disaster Center (PDC Global) and show the areas where the August 2023 Maui Wildfires occurred.

  • Kula Fire
  • Lahaina Fire
  • Olinda Fire
  • Pulehu Fire

Kula Fire Area Map
Lahaina Fire Area Map
Olinda Fire Area Map
Pulehu-Kihei Fire Area Map

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Maps and Data

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Maps and Data

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