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Last updated December 22, 2023

FAQs for Insurance

Who will pay for the debris removal?

If you have opted-in to the Government-sponsored Consolidated Debris Removal Program, all initial costs will be paid by state and federal agencies. However, if property owners have homeowners insurance covering debris removal, owners must inform local officials by indicating that coverage on their right-of-entry form. Homeowners may be required to remit that portion of their insurance proceeds specifically reserved for debris.

If I have homeowner’s insurance, can I still participate in the Consolidated Debris Removal Program?

Yes. However, to avoid a duplication of benefits provided by the state or federal government, your insurance company may be required to provide payment from your policy designated for debris removal to the government.

What portion of my homeowner’s policy will the local government collect for debris removal?

It depends on the policy that you have. There are generally two types of debris removal coverages in a homeowner’s insurance policy:

  • Specified Amount: If your homeowner’s insurance policy contains a separate, debris-specific clause, the local government will only collect the specified amount designated in the debris removal clause. These clauses are typically capped at a percentage of the coverage amounts listed in the policy (for example, 5 percent of the value of a primary structure, other structure, and personal property). You will not owe the local government any additional money, even if the actual costs to remove the debris exceeded the amount designated in your insurance policy for debris removal.

  • No Specified Amount: If your homeowner’s insurance policy does not have a separate, debris-specific clause and instead includes the costs of debris removal in the total coverage, the local government will only collect insurance proceeds for debris removal after you have rebuilt your home. The local government will only collect any available insurance proceeds, if any, after the rebuild. If there are no remaining funds, the homeowner will not owe the local government any additional money for debris removal.
If a property owner has a policy that permits debris removal as part of the total coverage amount but does not have a designated portion for debris removal, when will the county seek reimbursement?

If you participated in the Consolidated Debris Removal Program, the county will collect whatever remains available for debris removal, after a rebuild is complete or after the property owner has elected to take a cash-out amount and/or purchase a home elsewhere.

If a property owner participates in the Consolidated Debris Removal Program but does not rebuild or purchase a property/home elsewhere, will the county still collect a portion of the insurance policy for debris removal?

The answer to this question depends on your individual insurance policy. There are generally two types of homeowners’ insurance policies. In rare circumstances, an insurance policy will pay the actual cash value of the home and there may be no coverage for debris removal. In that case, the county will not collect anything. This stands whether or not the property owner rebuild, purchase a home elsewhere, or exercises neither option. Under an insurance policy that requires payment of replacement cost for the loss of the home, there will be debris removal coverage and the County will collect against that coverage. There may be other types of insurance policies that differ from the above two. Property owners with those policies should clarify debris removal coverage with their insurance companies.

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