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Structure Safety Assessments

Open Zones

Residential Zones Opened

The County of Maui Department of Water Supply Unsafe Water Advisory remains in effect in these residential zones. To view the water advisory, visit here.

Currently, all residential zones listed below, except for zone 5C, are local access only from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily for area residents with a vehicle pass or ID.

  • 1C - Kaniau Road (zone opened 9/25/23)
  • 2A - Malo St., Kalani Rd., Kekai Rd. (zone opened 10/6/23)
  • 2B - Ainakea Rd. (zone opened 10/6/23)
  • 2C - Kuuipo Street (zone opened 10/2/23)
  • 2D - Aa Street (zone opened 10/2/23)
  • 2E - Lokia Street (zone opened 10/2/23)
  • 2F - Malanai St. (zone opened 10/6/23)
  • 3A, 3B, 3C - Wahikuli Rd., Ainakea Rd., Fleming Rd. (zone opened 10/9/23)
  • 4A - Front St., Hoapili St., Huea St., Kapunakea St., Keao St., Olona Pl. (zone opened 10/27/23)
  • 4B - Ainakea Rd., Hamau Pl., Hiki Pl., Komohana Pl., Malolo Pl. (zone opened 10/27/23)
  • 4C - Akeke Pl., Kahoma St., Kapunakea St., Nahale Pl. (zone opened 10/27/23)
  • 5C - Ipukula Way, S. Nahale Pl. (zone opened 10/13/23)
  • 5G - E. Kuu Aku Lane (zone opened 11/13/23) IDs will be required to enter Zone 5G - only units not affected by the fire. Property Manager will confirm ID of property owners at the entry point.
  • 5G - Kuu Aku Ln. (zone opened 11/24/23)
  • 6B - Ala Moana St., Front St., Halepaka Pl.,  Kaahanui Pl., Kai Pali Pl., Lahilahi Pl., and Puunoa Pl. (zone opened 11/17/23)
  • 6C - Kahoma Village Loop, Hoe Kawele Dr. (zone opened 10/13/23)
  • 6D - Limahana Circle (zone opened 11/24/23)
  • 6E - Komo Mai Pl., Komo Mai St. (zone opened 11/6/23)
  • 7A - Front St., Kai Pali Pl., Kamaka Cir. (zone opened 11/17/23)
  • 7B - Front St., Kenui Cir. (zone opened 11/20/23)
  • 7C - Front St. (zone opened 11/20/23)
  • 7D - Kenui Pl., Wainee St. (zone opened 11/20/23)
  • 7E - Wainee St. (zone opened 11/20/23)
  • 7F - Kenui St., Wainee St. (zone opened 11/24/23)
  • 8A* - Baker St., Front St., Papalua St., Wainee St. (zone opened 12/8/23)
  • 8B* - Honoapiilani Hwy, Kuhua St., Lahainaluna Rd., Papalua St. (zone opened 12/8/23)
  • 8C - Aki St., Hauola Pl., Kaili Pl., Kamamalu St., Keone St., Kopili St., Kuhua St., Lahainaluna Rd., Puiki Pl. (zone opened 11/13/23)
  • 9A* - Front St., Lahainaluna Rd., Luakini St., Papalaua St., Waihie St., Wainee St. (No Maritime Access (zone opened 12/11/23)
  • 9B* - Lahainaluna Rd., Papalaua St., Wainee St. (zone opened 12/11/23)
  • 9C - Hauola Pl., Kale St., Kopili St., Kuhua St., Lahainaluna Rd., Mela St., Paeohi St. (zone opened 11/13/23)
  • 9D - Aki St., Kale St. (zone opened 11/6/23)
  • 9E - Hauola Pl., Kahula Pl., Kauhi Pl., Keaka Pl., Keaka St., Kelawea St., Kilauea St., Lahainaluna Rd. (zone opened 11/10/23)
  • 9F - Kalena St., Lui St., Pikanele St. (zone opened 11/3/23)
  • 9G - Kalaikini St., Kalena St., Kelawea St., Lahainaluna Rd. (zone opened 11/3/23)
  • 9H - Kahena St., Kalena St. (zone opened 10/30/23)
  • 9I - Kaakepa St., Kahako St., Kalena St., Kanua St. (zone opened 10/30/23)
  • 9J - Kaakepa St., Kaakolu St., Kaalo Pl., Kalena St., Kanua St. (zone opened 10/30/23)
  • 9M - Kanakea Loop, Kanakea Pl., Kahako St., Kaakolu St., Kahena St. (zone opened 10/13/23)
  • 10A* - Dickenson St., Front St., Lahainaluna St., Luakini St. (zone opened 12/4/23)
  • 10B* - Dickenson St., Luakini St., Panaewa St., Wainee St. (zone opened 12/4/23)
  • 10C* - Dickenson St., Panaewa St., Wainee St. (zone opened 12/4/23)
  • 10D - Alika Pl. (David Malo Cir.), Dickenson St., Honoapiilani Hwy., Mill St. (zone opened 12/4/23)
  • 10E - Dickenson St., Kuai Pl., Lahainaluna Rd., Mill St., Paunau St., Pauoa St., Pauu Pl., Pauwala Pl., Pupu Pl. (zone opened 11/10/23)
  • 11A* - Dickenson St., Front St., Luakini St., Wharf St. (No Maritime Access) (zone opened 12/11/23)
  • 11B - Hale St., Luakini St. (zone opened 12/1/23)
  • 11C - Luakini St., Prison St., Waianae Pl. (zone opened 11/27/23)
  • 11D - Honoapiilani Hwy., Prison St., Wainee St. (zone opened 12/1/23)
  • 11E - Honoapiilani Hwy. (zone opened 12/1/23)
  • 11F - Lahainaluna Rd., Mill St., Prison St. (zone opened 12/1/23)
  • 12A* - Front St., Prison St. (No Maritime Access) (zone opened 12/11/23)
  • 12B - Luakini St., Prison St., Shaw St., Wainee St. (zone opened 11/27/23)
  • 12C* - Honoapiilani Hwy., Mill St. (zone opened 12/11)
  • 13A* - Shaw St., Kauaula Rd., Front St. (zone opened 10/23/23)
    As of 2/15/24, Lahaina Shores access will be available by confirmed appointment, escorted access and with a signed waiver.
  • 13B* - Shaw St., Ilikahi St., Alio St., Kauaula Rd., Kamano Pl. (zone opened 10/23/23)
    *Note: 12 homes that were previously in Zone 12B have been rezoned to Zones 13A and 13B. Please refer to the Zone map to check if your property’s zone has changed.
  • 13C - Wainee St., Kauaula Rd., Shaw St.  (zone opened 10/23/23)
  • 13D - Ipukai Ln., Ipuwai Ln., Shaw St. (zone opened 12/1/23)
  • 14A - Front St. (zone opened 10/20)
  • 14B - Aholo Rd., Front St., Kaeo Pl., Kahili Pl., Kamano Pl., Kua Pl., Ui Pl. (zone opened 10/20)
  • 14C - Leoleo St. (zone opened 10/16)
  • 14D - Aholo Rd., Aulike St., and Leoleo St. (zone opened 10/16)
  • 15A - Puapihi St., Pualima St., Pualima Pl., Pualoke Pl., Puapake Pl., Front St. (zone opened 10/13/23)
  • 16A - Pualei Dr., Puamelia Pl., Puakukui Pl. (zone opened 10/13/23)

*Some residential and commercial properties in these zones have been deferred by the EPA. This means that residents and property owners may access and view their properties, but they will not be allowed to sift through debris. Notification for deferred properties will be provided during vehicle pass distribution.

Park Zone Opened
  • 16C – Launiupoko Beach Park (zone opened 9/23/23)
Business Zones Opened
  • 5A - Old Lahaina Luau-Anchored parcel (zone opened 9/27/23)
  • 5B - Lahaina Cannery Mall parcel (zone opened 9/13/23)
  • 5E - Business area of Kupuohi and Ulupono streets (zone opened 9/13/23)
  • 5D - Lahaina Gateway parcel (zone opened 9/5/23)
  • 5H - Walgreens parcel (zone opened 9/5/23)
  • 7G* - Hinau St., Limahana Pl., Wili Ko Pl. (zone opened 11/24/23.
    * EPA has deferred this zone. The EPA has not completed the removal of hazardous materials in Zone 7G.  Business owners can access this area but are highly encouraged to NOT sift in the area until EPA has completed its assessment.
Rural Land Opened
  • 1D, 10F, 12C, 14E, 15B, and 15C (zones opened 11/13/23)
Wharf Zone Opened
  • 6A – Mala Wharf and Front St. (zone opened 10/14/23)
Maritime Zones Opened
  • Zone 0-1A
  • Zone 0-2A
  • Zone 0-3A
  • Zone 0-4A (zone opened 10/27/23)
  • Zone 0-5A
  • Zone 0-6A
  • Zone O-6B (zone opened 11/17/23)
  • Zone O-7A (zone opened 11/17/23)
  • Zone O-13A (zone opened 10/23/23)
  • Zone 0-14A
  • Zone 0-15A
Residential Zones that have been unrestricted
  • 1A – Aipuni, Ainakea, Kaniau, Wahinoho – unsafe water advisory remains
  • 1B – Hooli, Aa, Hanohano, Aipuni – unsafe water advisory remains
  • 9K – Liloa, Hokeo, Hakau, Hopoe, Kana, Kuialua, Kulalau,Laalo, Niheu, Kumukahi, Laalo, Niheu – no water advisory
  • 10G – Kuialua, Hookahua – no water advisory
School Zone that have been unrestricted
  • 9L – Lahainaluna High School – no water advisory

Some portions of the above zones in the Lahaina Wildfire Disaster area sustained fire and wind-related damage and may be eligible for FEMA assistance. Many residents remained in these areas, and no government barriers to guard against hazardous debris had been placed in many parts of these zones.