September 30, 2023

Updated Sites for Potable Water Available in Lahaina, Upper Kula

The Department of Water Supply reminds people in areas affected by the recent wildfires that they may obtain safe water for their drinking, cooking, and basic hygiene needs from a fleet of designated potable water tankers positioned at various sites in Lahaina and Upper Kula.

Tankers offering free, safe water are positioned at the sites listed below. Visit to view an online map of the tanker sites, which are shown as a green waterdrop. Enlarging the map helps to show the tanker locations.


  • Kahoma Village Loop – Puunoa Place intersection 
  • Lahaina Gateway, 325 Keawe Street
  • Kapunakea Street – Ainakea Road intersection
  • Kanakea Place – Kaakolu Street intersection 
  • Kelawea Mauka Park Parking Lot 
  • Ainakea Road – Kaniau Road intersection
  • Aa Street – Kaniau Road intersection
  • Parking lot on the north side of the Leialii Parkway-Hooli Street intersection

Upper Kula

  • Kula Lodge, 15200 Haleakala Highway
  • Copp Road-Kula Road intersection 

Use only clean, dedicated, food-grade containers to transport water. Containers that have held food can transfer odors to the drinking water and should not be used for water storage. Wash containers thoroughly with dishwashing soap, sanitize using one teaspoon of mild liquid chlorine bleach per quart of water, and then rinse thoroughly. Fill containers to the top, leaving as little air as possible. Store in a cool, dark area. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers more information at

Contact: Linda Kimura, Secretary

(808) 270-7816 

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