July 10, 2024

Maui Fire, ATF officials clarify process for ATF cause and origin report on Lahaina wildfire

In response to multiple queries about the timeline and process for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) investigation into the cause and origin report for the Lahaina wildfire, Maui Fire Chief Brad Ventura and ATF spokesman Jason Chudy offer the following statements:

“County of Maui Department of Fire and Public Safety (MFD) met with ATF the last week of June to review details of the ATF report on cause and origin, which is more than 400 pages,” Chief Ventura said on July 10. “An article published June 28 alleged that the ATF investigation was completed and that MFD was holding the report for an unknown amount of time. We would like to clarify that this statement is inaccurate, and that ATF is still in the process of completing its report. Once ATF formats its report, the finalized report will be sent to MFD and we will add it as an appendix to the MFD cause and origin report.

“While our department is tasked with investigating every fire, we utilize ATF to assist with more complex, scientific fire analysis,” Chief Ventura added. “ATF has not given a timeline for its finalized report. However, we recognize the importance of sharing this information with the public, and plan to release our cause and origin report as soon as we receive and integrate ATF's findings.”

“My recent comments in a June 28 Civil Beat article were comprised with information that I had at that time,” ATF spokesman Jason Chudy said on July 10. After a weeklong review with the County of Maui Department of Fire and Public Safety, there was additional formatting required by ATF to complete our report. ATF is diligently working to finalize our report, and we appreciate everyone's patience as we finish this comprehensive, significant and impartial investigation.”

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