June 12, 2024

County real property wildfire long-term rental exemption application deadline extended to June 30

The deadline to apply for the County of Maui real property tax relief program for long-term rentals to individuals directly impacted by the August 2023 Maui wildfires has been extended to 4 p.m. June 30, 2024.

County of Maui Mayor Richard Bissen signed Bill 76 on June 10, which extends the deadline to apply for the tax relief.

To qualify for the County real property tax exemption, an application must be filed by June 30; the lease must be in effect as of July 1, 2024; and the lease must have a minimum term of one year.

Qualified properties will be exempt from County real property taxes from July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025.  The County of Maui Department of Finance Real Property Assessment Division will strive to process applications prior to Aug. 20, 2024, the real property tax payment deadline, the division said.

The Maui wildfire long-term rental exemption application can be found on the County Real Property Assessment Division website, www.mauipropertytax.com, under “Forms.”  To receive confirmation of receipt, please email the application and a legible copy of the signed lease agreement to the division at RPA.LTR@co.maui.hi.us by the 4 p.m. deadline on June 30, 2024.

For more information, Maui County property owners may contact the County Real Property Assessment Division by phone at (808) 270-7295 or by email at RPA.LTR@co.maui.hi.us.

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