October 27, 2023

County of Maui seeking contact with owners of electric vehicles in burned areas during Aug. 8 fires

The County of Maui is asking owners of electric vehicles that were within burned areas during the Aug. 8 fires to contact the Abandoned Vehicles and Metals Office by Nov. 6 if they donʻt want their electric vehicle batteries removed by specialized Environmental Protection Agency electric vehicle battery teams.

The battery removal is being done as part of debris management. It is likely that the electric vehicle battery is compromised if it were exposed to the wildfire heat, according to officials.

Electric vehicle owners who donʻt want batteries removed must contact the Abandoned Vehicles and Metals Office via https://link.edgepilot.com/s/00222a11/BkyXd09pn0_QkLCJQUrYUA?u=https://www.mauirecovers.org/damagedvehicles or call (808) 270-6102.

The Nov. 6 deadline applies to owners who:

  1. Had an electric vehicle that was in a burn zone during the fire AND
  2. Who have not, or will not, file an insurance claim AND
  3. Whose vehicle remains on either Public or Private property in the burn zones AND
  4. Who do NOT want your electric vehicle battery removed

Owners may submit the Damaged Vehicles Form found at https://link.edgepilot.com/s/00222a11/BkyXd09pn0_QkLCJQUrYUA?u=https://www.mauirecovers.org/damagedvehicles or call the Abandoned Vehicles and Metals Office at (808) 270-6102 to inform the county of their preferences or to learn more.

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