October 12, 2023

County of Maui proposing three billing categories for water customers affected by fires

Mayor Richard Bissen will submit a proposal developed by the Department of Water Supply to the Maui County Council that would establish three categories for customer billing to address impacts of the August 8 wildfires in Lahaina and Upper Kula.

“By establishing these categories, we can help to alleviate some of the hardship residents in disaster-affected areas are experiencing,” said Mayor Bissen. “Itʻs necessary to take into account the circumstances our residents are facing from the devastating fires.”

The proposed categories are:

Category 1: Customers whose houses weredestroyed.

For these customers, the Director of the Department of Water Supply has temporarily canceled water service until the property owner is ready for reconnection. Customers may request Temporary Irrigation Rates for the maintenance of lawns, crops or gardens if applicable.

Category 2: Customers whose water was used to assist in extinguishing the August wildfires.

For these customers, a claim form will need to be filled out and submitted to the County Clerk’s Office for reimbursement. Claim forms can be obtained at the County website at Office of the County Clerk | Maui County, HI - Official Website.

Category 3: Customers in Unsafe Water Advisory areas due to the wildfires.

Pending County Council approval, customers in the Unsafe Water Advisory areas would only pay the base water service charge based on the size of your meter. The water service charges per meter per month are $22.77 for a 5/8-inch meter, $36.80 for a 3/4 -inch meter, $54.63 for a 1-inch meter, $104.65 for a 1 ½-inch meter, $162.15 for a 2-inch meter, $286.35 for a 3-inch meter, $496.80 for a 4-inch meter, $911.95 for a 6-inch meter and $1,438.65 for an 8-inch meter.

The proposal will be submitted for review and consideration by the County Council, whose approval is necessary.

County of Maui Recovery Permit Center

A vital resource for those who are looking to rebuild in fire-affected areas in Lahaina and Kula as they navigate the permitting process and take the next step toward returning home.

County of Maui Service Center
110 Alaihi St., Suite 207

Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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